Director of Faith Formation at Sacred Heart Parish

The purpose of this position is to provide effective leadership, organization, structure and direction to the Faith Formation program.

This full-time position will have set office hours as well as working nights and weekends as required. Hours are subject to demand and will vary.

Current office hours:

Monday and Friday: 9:00 a.m. to noon 
Tuesday-Thursday: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

The Director of Faith Formation receives work direction as necessary and is
supervised directly in the area of programming from the Pastor.


A. To conduct oneself in a manner consistent with the faith, morals, teachings, and precepts of the Catholic Church.

B. Work to create a productive environment where there is harmony, good morale and teamwork among all staff members, as well as between staff members and members of the parish, in order to provide the highest quality of ministry to our parish.

C. Prepare, submit and monitor an annual budget for all areas of

D. Attend parish staff meetings as well as other parish meetings as

E. Attend Diocesan Religious Education functions, meetings and support
network groups.

F. Participate in other parish-wide events as requested (e.g. Fall Festival and St
Patrick’s Day Breakfast)

G. Perform other duties as assigned.


A. Coordinate the 1st through 12th grade Faith Formation program and Sacramental Preparation for Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation.

B. Work with and give direction to the Faith Formation Assistant.

C. Recruit, train and supervise catechists and other volunteers for the Faith
Formation program in accordance with the Sacred Heart Parish.

D. Design/select and implement appropriate curriculum.

E. Continually evaluate curriculum to ensure it is meeting the needs to the
students and standards set by the Diocese.

F. Provides outreach to families who are outside the Faith Formation model. 

G. Recruit, train and supervise adult chaperones for events.


A. Must be a practicing Catholic who lives as an intentional disciple with a
depth of reflective spirituality.

B. A Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, Religious Studies is preferred.

C. Must possess interpersonal and communication skills to collaborate as
part of a team.

D. Must possess the ability to lift and carry objects up to 40 pounds.

E. Must be computer literate.

F. Must adhere to the requirements of the Diocese of Madison as far as
passing the staff background check, read and sign the Sexual Misconduct
Policy and Ethics and Integrity Policy, and watch the Safe Environment

Applicants are asked to send a letter of application, resume, and references to Fr. Pat Wendler  at